The Next Evolutionary Step: Swarovski Shimmer

The Next Evolutionary Step: Swarovski Shimmer

Inspired by Swarovski’s famous Aurora Borealis surface finish, Shimmer is an ultra-brilliant crystal coating that builds on the spectacular precedent set by AB. Originally designed for the world of dancesport, it’s easy to see how Shimmer accentuates each angle and movement with a shower of sparkle under stage lights. Shimmer’s light refractions catch and throw the light, adding a special radiance that makes colors even more dazzling, more intense, and more glamorous. This merging of futuristic shimmer with crystals in stunning nature-tech hues speaks to our desire for heightened sensory experiences.

Now Swarovski has extended the Shimmer assortment with six new kaleidoscopic colors and effects to all product groups: Black Diamond + Shimmer; Erinite + Shimmer; Light Colorado Topaz + Shimmer; Light Sapphire + Shimmer; Light Siam + Shimmer; and Light Topaz + Shimmer. The result is a soft, elegant brilliance that radiates multiple shades of a single color.

The color-effect combinations across the assortment are homogenous, enabling a wide spectrum of design opportunities. Like AB, Shimmer is very durable, resistant to abrasion and plating, as well as chemical, environmental and mechanical influences.

For further information have a look on Swarovski Website

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